Best Outdoor Games to Look Out for in Gurgaon

Sports Academy in Gurgaon

Be it for your health purpose or an intention of continuing your passion as a hobby or for he reasons of making a sincere career in it, playing sports under the right guidance can help you reap many benefits then you actually expect. Nowadays, you can easily spot working professionals indulging in some kind of outdoor sport as it help them to relieve from their stress and also keeps them healthy and fit. Even the children can be seen registering themselves for some or the other kind of outdoor sport as it help them to develop not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. And with all the appreciation, awards and accolades that sportsman receive today, youngsters are not afraid of taking up outdoor sport as their choice of full time career.

Whatever the reason may be but in last few years we have witnessed a favorable inclination of people’s interest towards sports. And to let them live and play their interest, nowadays there are many professional sports academies in Gurgaon that help the individual to groom their skills and techniques of playing the game. However, among the various choices, some of the most sought out games in these sport academies are:

Football coaching in gurgaon

Football coaching in gurgaon
Football Coaching

In last few years this game has received immense popularity among the youngsters and kids. Giving a true adrenaline rush to the players and the viewers, the football game has now become an obvious sport choice for many. Giving many physical, mental and emotional benefits to the player, the game of football can help a person grow as an individual also. Slowly gaining popularity in India, this game will soon replace the choice of cricket among youngsters. Thus, if you too wish to play or learn this game it is highly recommended to learn and play it under proper guidance so as to gain the right knowledge about the game.

Cricket coaching in gurgaon

Cricket coaching in gurgaon
Cricket Coaching

One of the most played and liked game in India is cricket. Even today, for many cricket game is no less than any holy ritual practice. Majority of people know the basics of this game and many of them can even be seen it playing in the streets of India. But if you wish to play this game with sincerity then it is highly recommended to learn it under the guidance of professional, skilled and experienced coach. There are many cricket academies in Gurgaon that offer best of amenities and coaching facilities to help you become a more serious and professional cricket player. So, before you actually enroll yourself in any of the cricket academy it is better to do a complete research about it’s overall performance.

 Tennis coaching in gurgaon

tennis coaching in gurgaon
Tennis Coaching

Although not so popular now but this game is surely turning heads of the many sports lovers. And in past few years, this game has earned a lot of fame and recognition. So, if you too have a knack for this game then you should start practicing it under a professional coach. This will help you to develop better and right learning process which will further foster your playing skills. Always insist on enrolling in an tennis academy which has a good team of coaches, nutritionist, dietician and physiotherapist. Also, make sure that the court has low player-coach ratio as it can help you learn the game in a better way.






Find your Own Cricket Academy

With the establishment of so many sports academy in our nearby localities, it’s really difficult to find the best one. Offering different indoor and outdoor sports, these academies have become a favorite hotspot among many youngsters and professionals. Knowing the many health and mental benefits that any sports provide, now people have more inclination towards playing sports. And all thanks to the cricket craze of Indians which has made this sport not less than a national game.

It is hard to find any sports academy which does not facilitate the cricket sports. But it’s easy to find many sports academy which specializes in the game of cricket. So, if you too wish to continue your hobby of playing a cricket, its better to register yourself in one of the best cricket academy in Gurgaon.

Rather than going on the magazines rankings of top 10 cricket academy in Gurgaon, we will prefer you +6to find your own top cricket academy by considering the below points:


  • Mentorship under trained professional coach

Mentorship under trained professional coach
Mentorship under professional coach

The first and foremost thing to look in a cricket academy is its coach and trainer. A good cricket coach not only enhances your playing skills but also helps in developing the full potential of the players. They keep an eagle’s eye on each and every player’s performances and then instruct them to work on their relevant skills. They can monitor your performances and training progress thereby advising and assisting you in developing new skills. And not only this, but they are also the great source of motivation and encouragement.

Thus, it is very important for a cricket academy to have a professional and trained coach which can help the players learn the game in right way.

  • Well equipped and maintained facilities

Well equipped and maintained facilities
Equipped and maintained facilities

Besides just the dedicated and passionate coaching staff, a good cricket academy is the one that has best of facilities for their players. Some of the basic amenities to look out for in any cricket academies are: transport facilities, flood lights, bowling machines, sports video analysis software, speed check radar, gym and fitness center etc. Another thing to keep in mind is that all the facilities and equipments are well maintained and structured so as to provide best of facilities to the players.

A well managed cricket academy ensures better development of a player as a whole.

  • Availability of nutritionist, dietician and physiotherapist

Availability of nutritionist, dietician and physiotherapist
Availability of physiotherapist

Right nutrition plays an optimal role in sports performance. Thus, it very necessary to intake right nutrition with adequate amount of calories, carbs and fluids. From designing your complete diet for the days to taking care of an athlete’s body physical requirements; a professional nutritionist knows how to maintain player stamina. Other than a dietician, a good cricket academy should also have a trained and experienced physiotherapist who can deal with the cramps and sports injuries of the players.



So, now when you step out to find the best cricket academy, don’t forget to consider the above mentioned points.




Step-by-Step Guides to Start Your Career in Sports

Start Career in Sports

Are you among those with an inborn passion for sports? If your answer is yes, sport is the best platform to make your career in India. Some sports are team-oriented like football, basketball, and soccer, etc. whereas others like golf and tennis are focused more on individual performers. Apart from participating in sports events, you must practise in sport and take parts in extensive physical conditioning and training in order to stay competitive.

Below are some must-to-know facts in order to start a career in sports.


sports education

In general, the minimum educational level is a 10+2 pass.But you must be the top performer while competing in high school or college games. Many sports lovers seek admission in top sports academy to learn about their sport and hone their skills. It helps them develop budding talents and skills.  There are a good number of state level and national level associations and councils to find and nurture sporting talent in aspirants.

Personal Skills

personal skills of a sportsperson
personal skills

A good amount of energy, stamina, and physical strength is required. Besides you need to possess patience, ability, perseverance and a sporting spirit, they must also be committed to their games. You should learn how to deal with difficult physical and mental conditions. You should know the tricks to maintain a high level of concentration and discipline while training and competing.

For being a professional sportsperson, build up the following skills:

  • Competitive mind-set
  • Physically fit, enthusiastic and energetic
  • Excellent hand-eye coordination
  • Superior physical fitness
  • Great motor skills
  • Dedication to training

Career Opportunities

Career in Sports
Career in Sports

Way back in 20’s, sports were supposed to be good only for mind and body, but not for earning. But now the table has turned and the ball is in your court. Today besides just being an active player, you can start your career in diverse sports-related fields such as sports management, sports journalism, sports medicine, adventure sports, sports academy, sports goods manufacturers, fitness, and health clinics.


Some related careers include:

  • A sports commentator
  • An athlete
  • A coach or scout
  • A sports photographer
  • A sports journalist
  • A sports teacher
  • open a sports academy
  • A consultant (sports medicine)
  • An umpire/referee
  • Fitness trainer or instructor

Opportunities with Private Sector

The increasing awareness of physical fitness and passion for sports has given birth to several sports academies in India. From simple ones that offer coaching to ones that are fully equipped to cater to the elites and upper classes, there are many sports clubs. They are privately-owned, wanting to hire persons with exposure in relevant sporting fields to manage the clubs. Such jobs carry many administrative responsibilities alongside. Individual working at such places possess excellent interpersonal skills as they interact with many people who come to use the facilities offered by the club. In clubs, one can apply for the positions of instructors, equipment suppliers and so on.

In fact, you will be considered to have full-fledged and highly paid career options. Also the number of jobs available for sports aspirants is expected to increase as fast as the average in the coming years. However competition for professional positions can be extremely fierce and tougher.


The bottom line is that if you want to get your career up in sports,consider the aforesaid thingswithout wasting any more time. Make your passion for any one sport be it cricket, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Skating and Physical Fitness your profession. Build a high level of physical fitness, be able to perform under pressure, create a high level of dedication and motivation and discipline.

Sports Shala is on a mission to make sports accessible to every sport lover. You can contact it to take admission and achieve your career goals. Sports Shala is committed to providing you many classes and some grades to allow you to play sports.





Trending sports for your mental fitness

Most of us are aware of benefits of playing sport. As in for common, it helps you remain fit and healthy. But do you know that playing physical sports can also be beneficial for your mental and psychological health? With increasing trend of keeping your body physically fit, nowadays people are more inclined towards those physical activities that not only keeps them physically fit but also help them to relieve their stress and reduce their levels of depression. With hectic schedules of excessive work load, people now want some time out for their peace of mind.

In past few years, people have started inclining their interests towards playing sports. And in many new studies, it has been also found that people who play sports are more focused and productive. Thus, to increase the work capabilities of their work force nowadays there are many companies who have started including sport campuses in their official premises. So, after including the cafeterias and gyms at a work place the new trend is of setting up a play area in an office. And with more and more people getting into it, playing sports have now emerged as the new hobby for the youth of India. And among the many physical sports, some games that have win majority of choices are:

  • Indulge in some water sports

Water sports
Water sports

So, if you ever wished to splash in water, then water activities are just right for you. Besides just giving you a toned body and fit bone and muscles, an hour in water sports can also give you a good mental health. Being a great form of physical fitness, any kind of water sport specially swimming in itself works out great for a good mental health and well being. Considered as a meditative exercise, it can help you reduce your stress levels and can have a calming effect on your mind. Keeping you away from all kind of worries and tension, swimming can improve your overall mindfulness also.

With increasing inclination of people towards swimming; nowadays there are many sports academies that offer various swimming programs to the learners as well as hobby seekers. But before you enroll anywhere, read all the terms and conditions carefully.

  • Try your hand on tennis

tennis academy
tennis academy

The kind of work out that you actually do in a tennis court can help you relieve your stress. A single vigorous game of tennis is no less than one hard work out session in a gym. The only difference in between gym and tennis court is that while playing tennis you also develops better mental health. It not only gives you an extensive session of cardio-vascular exercise but also increase your determination and concentration skills.


Nowadays, there are many tennis academies in Gurgaon offering you the memberships. So, if ever wish to try your hands on tennis then visit the best tennis Academy in Gurgaon.



Benefits of playing a physical sport

The hustle and bustle of one of the fastest growing city, Gurgaon can make your life no less than a machine. Long working hours, jam packed societies, fast running vehicles are some of the annoying features of this city that can make your life restless and impatient. Most of the people who stay in Gurgaon have often diagnosed with sleepless nights, restless days, poor physical health and low stamina strength.

However, nowadays people have become more concerned about their health and have started including healthy habits in their lifestyle. Hitting a gym, enrolling for any sports activity or early bed rise are few of good habits that people have accepted in order to lead a healthy life. And it is the growing interest of people toward physical fitness that has lead to opening of many fitness centers and sports academy in Gurgaon. Offering variety of fitness services like aerobics and yoga and sports activity like football academy and tennis academy; these centers and academies are becoming the new trends of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Although people are well aware of benefits of joining a fitness center but there are very few who actually know the advantages of playing a outdoor game. So, to keep you more informed about the benefits of playing a sport, keep a note of following points.

Keeps you physically fit

physical fitness
physical fitness

When playing physical games you automatically burn those extra calories which help you to shed those extra pounds from your body. Playing sports not only controls your weight but also develops you physically in terms of stamina and strength. By helping you to lead a healthy lifestyle, playing sports can surely keep you physically fit and fine.

Eliminates stress and pressure

Eliminates stress and pressure
Eliminates stress and pressure

By playing games you automatically relieve your stress which further helps in reducing the depression. Sports help you keep physically active which helps in triggering the production of endorphins hormone. Known to be the natural mood lifters of the body, it automatically keeps you away from daily stressors. This hormone is also helps you in keeping more relaxed and optimistic.

Helps in building self confidence and boost up your self esteem


building self confidence
building self confidence

When you play sports you tend to develop better stamina, skills and strength which help you in improving your image also. By indulging yourself in any physical game or joining sports academy you become more energetic and vigorous. Featured with new energy and positivity, you automatically develop self confidence and self esteem in yourself.

Improves your concentration

Improves your concentration
Improves your concentration


By playing any physical sport you not only improves your mental power but you actually also develops a better concentration skills. When you indulge in any kind of physical activity, your body actually releases some chemical compounds that can help in improving your brain activity and cognition which further improves your ability to focus.



Thus, if you don’t like to gym and exercise then try the other way round. Indulge yourself in a sport that you ever wanted to play. And by practicing your hobby you will surely find the new you within you.