If you are looking for a lawn tennis coaching in Gurgaon, then Sports Shala is the right name to be. We provide an integrated modern lawn tennis ground for better and qualitative tennis training experience. Our coaches, counselors, and trainers strive to build lawn tennis athletes, players and individuals of tomorrow. We are dedicated and hard working lawn tennis experts who always look for innovative drills and exercise to suit the individual needs of every trainee.

As a certified Tennis Academy in Gurgaon, Sports Shala provides aspirants world-class tennis program designed by a team of Coaches. The program is competitive-based and conceived to suit all types of players. It is a combined result of our expert team, constant research into the athletes’ requirements, and insight gathered from prominent lawn tennis professionals.

Players at Sports Shala are trained in a way that they can compete in National & International level tennis competitions. Once you enroll for the program, you get quality coaching and build up within you budding Tennis talents. At Sports Shala, we customize all exercises and drills to suit the needs of each trainee and to pertain to specialized level coaching program to the career oriented tennis players. Our tennis program includes an assessment and enhancement of each player by the coaches through observation, skills matrix and performance.

Once get enrolled, players can spend a large amount of time to get trained and improve their skills and body tones. They can get training on the proper lawn tennis ground made from the finest clay. Our lawn tennis ground provides maximum comfort for the learning applicants as well as a professional one. The ground is perfect for practice at any time of the day.