Among sports programs, we run skating classes in Gurgaon as well. If you want to stay first on your career pathways, then develop your speed and balance. At Sports Shala, we offer an elite level skate training program, which is designed for beginners and intermediates to increase speed and develop a balance of skaters at the grass root level.

Whether you want Speed Skates training, Outdoor Skates training, Indoor Skates training, Roller Skates training, Kids Skates training or Inline Skates training, we can provide you the right kind of training. We are committed to producing players of international standards from India so have designed sports science based program. It’s our experienced and certified coaches who have designed the program that include emphasis on technique, tactics, drills and strategies.

At Sports Shala, we are committed to providing applicants with professional level training. We encourage and take our skaters for many tournaments and competitions which take place within the National Capital Region and in other parts of the country. For the betterment and improvement of aspirants, we evaluate each player every quarter with a view to gauge their skills and performance in order to further enhance them for better results.

The Sports Shala is looking forwards to become a world class academy across the country so we help skaters optimize their performance in speed skating in both inline and Quads skates. At Sports Shala, we can provide training for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners.